Unique East Coast CIties

I went to east coast cities of America such as Boston and Washington, D.C.as my school trip. I stayed for three days at Boston and the other three days at th capital. The United States has 50 states and each one has own features in many ways and actually, there are many differences between western city, Seattle and eastern city, Washington, D.C. even they are located in a same country. I found three fascinating qualities of eastern cities through this East Coast Trip.

Cherry Blossoms in MLKJ memorial 
First, the weather of Washington, D.C. was interesting. In Washington, D.C., it was a balmy sunny day and comparable to that of Japan. There are beautiful cherry blossoms in full blooms at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial thanks to the warm temperatures. In addition, it was a bit muggy compared to other American cities in Washington D.C. in spite of Boston was still cold and dry even they are eastern city. As I mentioned above, the weather difference of two eastern cities was interesting and it illustrated how big and wide the land of America is.

Second, Boston is a historical city that made me felt the strength and wisdom of the Americans. Plimoth Plantation in Boston is a place where people can actually see the lives of the pilgrims at the time. It’s said that a half of pilgrims were dead during the first winter because of lacking food and cold in 17th century. Their house were built nearby the ocean so the cold wind was blowing in the village. It’s arduous to endure the cold temperature and glow up crops but they survived and made America. That is a really respectful effort and people should pay tribute to them. In conclusion, Boston reminds people of the spirit of Americans who beared the severe environment.

Thirdly, there were many black Americans in Washington, D.C.. In Spokane, many black people are living there but more often than not, there are white people in the city. However, large numbers of black people are living and working in Washington, D.C.. Anecdotally, Washington, D.C. has a high proportion of blacks since the end of World War II when whites moved to the suburbs in droves. To sum up, this city is young and new one in the US but a city where many races coexist. 

These amazing qualities of eastern cities are interesting and fascinate many people who visit east coast of the US. In addition to these qualities, there are various features in food and townscape, and it is a region overflowing with charm everywhere. The eastern city of America, especially Boston and Washington, will continue to flourish as the center of the world.

Washinfton, D.C.