Real History

We went to Boston and Washington D.C. from April 2nd to 7th as a East Coast Trip. Both these cities were important for American Revolution and Civil War. We studied about them before going to the cities, so I enjoyed visiting historical places. During this trip, I’m especially interested in Plimoth Plantation, Freedom Trail, and Orchard House.

First, I was excited to talk with Pilgrims in Plimoth Plantation. We visited there on the second day. There are actors working as Pilgrims. I talked with them and felt the atmosphere of the times. I saw that they were cooking lunch. Most of them were cooking soup with onion, beans, and meat. One of them were cooking a pancake. I could learn the details of their life in Plimoth Plantation.

Second, I saw many historical buildings in Freedom Trail. Beginning of this trail is Boston Common. I was impressed that this park was the stage of Scarlet Letter. Next, I looked graves of famous people in the Granary Burying Ground. I studied about Paul Revere and Sam Adams, so it’s good experience to see their graves. Finally, I went to the Old North Church. I couldn’t go inside of this building because the system was changed from this year. Through Freedom Trail, I felt the history of American Revolution. 

Third, I learned a real Alcott family in Orchard House. What impressed me most was Amy’s room. There are some pictures on the wall drawn by Amy. The drawings have a very fine touch. I liked her paintings. However, I wondered why she didn’t draw on the paper. The guide taught us that she drew them on the wall because the paper was expensive in that time. It was good experience to know Alcott family’s life.

I learned many things through this trip. Visiting Boston and
Washington D.C. gave me excitement. It was good experience for me. We can study history by reading books. However, it’s better to go and see with my own eyes.