The City Good for Visiting

The United States is one of the most popular countries for travel. Each year, people all over the world visit and take in the sights. In particular, East Coast of the United States has a lot of exciting places. The MFWI students enjoyed a 6 day trip to the East Coast. We visited Boston for 2 days and then Washington D.C. for two days. I really enjoyed three special places in Washington D.C. which were Memorial, the Smithsonian Institution, and Library of Congress. 

First, Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial as so interesting to me. There is one of the most meaningful sights of American history. There is a monument of Martin Luther King, Jr. He is famous for the speech “ I have a dream”. His monument was completed in 2011. His famous words are engraved on the wall on both sides of the large monument. When I was a junior high school student, I recited his speech for my presentation. Therefore, he is an impressive person not only for American people but also for me.

Second, I was also interested in the Smithsonian Institution. I looked forward to visiting there, because it was where the movie of “Night at the Museum” took place. It locates near the Capitol. It has many types of museums such as art gallery, air and space, natural history, and so on. In particular, I think air and space museum was the most fascinating, because it displays the models of airplanes, rockets, and planets. All displays made me excited.

Third, I also enjoyed our visit to the Library of Congress. Kathy took us there on foot. It is the biggest library in the world. It locates near both the Capitol and the Smithsonian Institution, so they are close to each other. The library was luxurious and looks like gorgeous museum. According to the information, I knew that the only people who work in the special office such as researchers and politicians are allowed to enter in the reading room. I wish I were the person who can enter the reading room.

In conclusion, Washington D.C. is very interesting and meaningful place for me, the United States and all over the world. Furthermore, the three places as I mentioned earlier are good for learning American history and politics. I was inspired deeply by the places. When you visit East Coast, I would like to recommend to visit there.