My Three Interesting Aspects on East Coast Trip

I went to East Coast for a week on April. I went there with some groups in our university and some teachers there for learning American history by seeing historical places such as Boston and Washington D.C. there. The trip was great for me because I went to many historical places such as Old North Bridge, Old North Church, Plimoth Plantation. Every place was interesting for me to learn history. There are three aspects that were interesting to me about the trip.

The first aspect is diversity. I was very intrigued by the diversity of the two cuties I visited. I saw various diversities there, especially in Washington D.C. because it is capital of the United States. There were many diversities who work as a police officers, security, immigration officer, a lot of occupations. There were not only white people and black people but also Asian people. This was interesting to me because it was the first time to see various diversities and felt a lot of diversities.

Another fascinating thing that caught my attention was the different kind of English I heard in the two cities. When I was there, I heard a lot of kind of English. For example, Spanish English which is really fast to speak, Asian English which has a strong accent, old British English which is totally different from English which I heard in Plimoth Plantation. These English had different accent and different speed. It was difficult for me to catch every word what they said but it was interesting to feel these differences.

Finally, I was surprised by the different tax rate in each state. In Washington state, we have to pay about 8.8% on every product. In Washington D.C., I had to pay about six percent on every product. On the other hand, in Massachusetts, there is about 6.3 percent tax. I was surprised that percentage of tax is different each state. This makes me confusing but this is interesting for me because tax rate is same wherever we are in Japan.

In conclusion, these three aspects were interesting to me. All of these are which I could see and could feel because I went there. Especially last aspect, I could learn this because I went to a few states by the trip. I was glad that I had an opportunity to go to East Coast and had learned a lot of things such as American history and various diversities.