Interesting Trip

Last week, I went on an East Coast Trip. I went to Boston and Washington D.C. for five nights and six days. It was my first experience and so exciting for me. Much of my travel experience was something I couldn't experience in Japan. There were so many places where I could learn history of America and feel the differences with Japan.

First, the cityscapes of them were really wonderful. When I arrived at Boston, I thought the cityscape was so cute. The view from the bus was like a building in the movie and I was very excited.I thought the cityscape of Boston was different from Spokane's cityscape. I think Spokane is similar to Japan. There are many shops,  supermarkets and cafes. However, Boston isn't similar to Japan. The walls of houses were so colorful and the streets were wide and clean. It was interesting for me. At first, I was so surprised at the difference in the cityscape with Japan.

The history of America was really different from Japanese history. In Boston, I went to Orchard House. It was the house of Louisa May Alcott who wrote Little Women. The house was almost as it was at that time. By knowing the life of the family, I was able to know about that time. The life of that time was different from modern American life. In Washington D.C., I visited the Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. They are so important places in the U.S. I was impressed when I visited them. I think knowing the history of other countries is important and useful for me.

Finally, the style of grave was really different from Japan.

When I saw the grave in the U.S., I was so surprised. Because there were pictures of skull. I think it isn't good to draw a skull on the tomb in Japan. It is considered unscrupulous, but I learned it isn't unscrupulous in the U.S. The difference is interesting for me. I learned what I think is normal may not be normal in other countries.

In East Coast Trip, I could learn many things. I think even within the same country there are some differences. There were a lot of discoveries in East coast. There were many differences from Japan and some common points. All of them are interesting and stimulating for me.