Amazing East Coast Trip

What I experienced and saw in Boston and Washington D.C was great. I saw a lot of things what I have never seen or imagined. I was really looking forward to going on the east coast trip.

The first day, we had to wake up very early. To move to east coast, it took a whole day so we went nowhere. The hardest things were that we had a lot of transfer. In the middle day of the east coast trip, we had to take a train to go to Washington D.C for 8 hours. That was super hard. The flight from Washington D.C to Spokane also made me very tired. But on the train, I could see the New York City so it was amazing. I realized that moving around big city was not easy.

From the next day, we had nice weather all day. We went to many places. The place I loved the most was Lincoln memorial. I was wondering what’s the Lincoln memorial like. I was moved by such a huge, beautiful building. Across the pool, we could see Washington monument and it was also beautiful. Around the memorial, many historical places are there and many visitors enjoyed to watch around.

I was also looking forward to eating lobster roll at Quincy market. It was not so big but it costed 25 dollars so I hesitated to buy it. However I thought “if I never come back to Boston, I will never be able to eat it. Maybe this is last chance!” so I got lobster roll and clam chowder. They were really delicious and I have no regrets. After eating them, we went to Starbucks to get some drinks. In front of the Starbucks, a man was singing and he was really good at singing so I stop to listen to his songs and impressed. The sight was very good for me and I liked it. The atmosphere of Boston was much nicer than 

I felt exhausted but it was good time to see around many places that were very new and fresh to me. Before I went to east coast, I learned a lot in classes at mfwi. That helped me to deeply understand what the guide was saying or things in east coast. If I had another chance to go to east coast, I want to enjoy to see huge buildings, the historical places and east coast much longer than this east coast trip. Spokane.