Surprising East Coast Trip

Before I go to the East Coast Trip, I thought it will be boring because of the difficult American history. I wanted to go to New York City instead. However, I enjoyed a lot and there were full of surprises and interesting things such as food, atmosphere, and people in there. 

First of all the food in Boston was marvelous. I had lunch with my dorm members. We knew that lobster roll and clam chowder are famous and popular in Boston, so we decided to eat. For
instance, I never tried the lobster roll before, it was the first time to eat. It cost twenty-five dollars, but it was so tasty. The clam chowder was cheap and delicious. We found a fancy gelato shop and I ordered passion fruit and Mango taste. It was not so sweet and tasted like a real fruit and it was perfect. I think hat many food or dish in Boston are expensive but delicious and fancy.

Next, the atmosphere in Boston and Washington, D.C. were totally different from Spokane. For example, beacon hill was beautiful and people living there looked luxurious. The glass of the window was purple which is from Europe. It was historical. Another example is The White House. The size was not so big that I expected, but many people were protesting and I fel American atmosphere. I watched the news program referring to the White House in Japan
before, so I couldn't believe I'm in the exact place. When I entered the Smithsonian Museum I felt like I'm in in the movie because it was magnificent. Boston and Washington, D.C. were huge city which have many aspects such as history, politics and beauty.

Finally, the people in the East Coast were different from people who live in Spokane. When I went to the shopping mall, most of the shop clerks were black people. They speak really fast so that I couldn't hear sometimes. I also saw many Chinese Americans. One Chinese American boy asked me if I am from China. There were many Asian people so that I couldn’t tell who is Chinese people or Korean people. Another thing I noticed was shop clerks are not so smiling at us. I thought shops are in the big city and there are busy to give a good service to the customer. People in Boston and Washington, DC were variety of people and their were busy.

For these three interesting things, I felt many differences even though in the same country and I was so surprised. I thought my perspective in Spokane was so small. I want to go there again by myself next time. The food, atmosphere, and people were all surprising for me and I thought I was lucky to go to a such amazing places. It was the most interesting and surprising trip I experienced ever.